143 – Blood Sweat and Tears

143 – Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat and Tears

Ok, we’re back with the 1001 Albums project, let’s see how far I get, although I note that if I couldn’t stick with it through Covid I can’t see how far I’m going to get this time. I’m back on this after realising I had ground to a halt at Crosby, Stills and Nash, which is surprising. However, I am now quite a big Neil Young convert after having unrestricted access to the excellent Neil Young Archives in my recent review of the Cyrus Audio Steam-XR. I realise Young has not yet joined Crosby, Stills and Nash but you get my drift.

This self-titled album, Blood Sweat and Tears, appears to have an eclectic range of covers, including Billie Holiday’s God Bless the Child. It was BST’s second album but the first with new vocalist David Clayton-Thomas, who wrote Spinning Wheel, a track I recognised straight away. The album starts weirdly with a classical piano track that falls into Smiling People, a track I also recognise from somewhere. This is big band jazz rock/pop with a Billy Preston-style Hammond organ carrying the album along. It is the sort of album you’d like to listen to on vinyl with the trippy psychedelic feel as it wanders by.

I really like Blues pt II,  a rambling Blues classic with an unexpected interjection of Clapton’s Cream riff from Sunshine of Your Love, a track from Disraeli Gears.

This album was a Grammy Winner in 1970 with good chart success in the US hitting the Billboard charts for seven weeks and going quadruple platinum, in the days of proper record stores!

Overall, it is nice, and different, the rating is going to be random as I can’t remember how I was scoring things

Album – Blood Sweat and Tears
Artist – Blood Sweat and Tears
Record Label – Columbia
Favourite Tracks – God Bless the Child, Spinning Wheel, Blues pt II
Released – 1969
Rating – 8.2
Time – 45’36”
Tracks – 10
Genre – Jazz Rock
Source – Tidal
Player/Streamers/DAC – Naim NAC-N 272 with XPS
Interconnect – Vertere Redline
Amplifier – Naim NAP250
Loudspeaker Cable – Tellurium Q Ultra Black II
Output – KEF R700
Next Album – 144 – The Gilded Palace of Sin by the Flying Burrito Brothers

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