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About this Website

Newsletter #37

Newsletter #37


Launched by Simon Wilce in 2013, is the go-to hi-fi component and music reviews website designed to engage fellow enthusiasts looking to make informed purchasing decisions and share a passion for high-quality audio within a like-minded community.

Our mission bridges the gap between gadget reviews and more specialist ‘audiophile’ review websites. The site seeks to cover the more affordable ‘real world’ audio marketplace and to articulate product and music reviews in simpler terms accessible to all with our subjective evaluation system that considers performance, ease of use and value for money.

QR3 SE driven by the New Naim Classic 200 Series

News, reviews and views

With over 700 pages of industry news and product and music reviews already online, the site covers the most relevant content for the quality audio enthusiast. It seeks to review the latest hi-fi components and the best albums to demo a music system and experience it at its best. As the site grows, we will be looking to write and gather comments on the latest tech and industry trends and encourage debate and engagement through our growing social media communities.

The team

Simon is joined by Brad Francis on the HF&MS team. Brad is a seasoned professional in advertising, licensing, sponsorship, and all things commercial. He has a deep love for all things audio and his background is steeped in music and entertainment, which gives him a unique perspective on every project, and he is well-known within the sector. Simon has been writing HiFi and Music reviews for over nine years now.

As a team, we have approaching 50 years of experience in the hi-fi, AV and consumer tech industries, and listening to music on quality audio systems is our passion.

Aries G2.2

Auralic Aries G2.2

Audience provides daily content targeted to passionate and engaged music and sound quality enthusiasts. In 2021 there were 208,000 page views, now, in just the first Quarter of 2024, we have nearly 200,000 interactions with the site.  We have significant and growing Social Media followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others, see the links in the Main Header. We have a new YouTube channel growing daily too, with 28 videos featuring speakers, amplifiers and show reports.

Industry Testimonials

Simon has a great ear for the musical performance delivered by the kit he tests across a wide variety of genres. He jealously guards his independence and is truly passionate about music, this comes across clearly in his succinct and to-the-point reviewing style

Tim Narramore, Technical Director, Moor Amps Ltd


I’ve known Simon for a good number of years now and his approach has never been anything other than thorough, refreshing and honest. HFMS has evolved into a very worthy addition to the industry’s publications and the balance of hardware and software articles works well. 

Rob Noble, Rega Sales Coordinator

_______ continually delights with its natural enthusiasm for music and hi-fi. It misses the jaded feel of so many magazines and websites delivering fun and energy instead, combining good advice and exciting reviews

Steve Harris, Audioplus


Hi-Fi and Music Source is a great resource for audio lovers. I’ve known Simon for a number of years and find his approach both professional and honest. His impressive test facilities are well considered and he always goes the extra mile for his audience. His ability to unpack the features in a piece of hardware and explain the benefits is always impressive.  

Dan George,


Media advertising enquires (banner ads, leader board and sponsorship) and reviews enquiries

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Editorial, reviews and news: Contact Simon on m. 07765 897926 or by email at:

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