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About this Website

Launch Date – 1/9/15, please wait for further content as I edit my ‘Posts’ import from blogger.

HiFi and News

This is my new shiny website based on my two old blogs. Having written for several other websites including the excellent Dork Adore, and the equally excellent LetsTalkTech and also the amazingly good I have decided I really must try and do this as best I can on my own terms.

I am hoping to stay in the gap between the many excellent gadget type websites that do review some audio equipment and the several high end ‘audiophile’ type specialist sites.  I’m of course well aware of the What HiFis of the world but I’m hoping to stay reasonably neutral on the hardware that is available these days and cover these areas.  I hope in time to get more products that are on- or pre-release but these are hard to get to generally so I’ll see how I get on.

I plan to cover news articles of interest, get a couple of reviews a week done and opine on new music I enjoy (or otherwise). I love listening to music and I have a particular interest in streaming music, be it Spotify, Tidal or other sources. I am also incorporating my 1001 albums project, more of which below. I am particularly interested at the moment in streaming music and the issues associated. I will try and pass on my experience of the last few years as it has developed in the last 4-5 years.

In covering HiFi reviews and opinions on music and other stuff I plan to use plain language having experienced a lot of twaddle at HiFi shows and other forums that talk nonsense. So I will not be using words like ‘imaging’ or ‘splashy’ when I’m discussing the sound I hear. I just hope to compare where possible and keep things simple and occupy my time in an enjoyable way. So there also won’t be much objective analysis here, it is more often than not subjective, which is really what music and HiFi are anyway.

My new Recommends Rating for HiFi comes in in 2019, I’ll try and get some graphics going but my new rating system will be:

Nice (1 star)
Good (2 stars)
Recommended (3 stars)
Highly recommended (4 stars)
Outstanding (5 stars)

New Music

I’ll be reviewing new music as I go along. I thought if I used my own rating system when I first listen to albums, that would be interesting.  I usually listen to the album, rate each track so that you can go for the highlights, see what you think and delve in. I’m generally quite ‘six music’ so there may not be much 1D or Taylor Swift here.

1001 Albums

One of the reasons for going through ‘1001 Albums you must hear before you die‘ is because my current top 10 albums are so one-dimensionally mainstream it is only when you write it out you realise how pants it is.

The Joshua Tree – U2
The Bends – Radiohead
Parachutes – Coldplay

need I go on? OK, recently,

Seasons of my Soul –  Rumer

and from my formative listening years,

Three Imaginary Boys – The Cure
Psychocandy – Jesus and Mary Chain
Closer – Joy Division
Waltz Darling – Malcolm Mclaren
Rattlesnakes – Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
Led Zeppelin II – Led Zeppelin

I would only add that Miles Davis’s ‘Kind of Blue’ is a recent favourite of mine, even before this starts. The only other thing to add really is I am getting a bit obsessive about Radiohead these days; in fairness to myself I could easily have made my Top 10 a bit cooler by slipping in ‘Amnesiac’, ‘Kid A’, ‘In Rainbows’ and ‘OK Computer’ (in that order). But I choose not to do this! So I’m looking to expand my horizons, needless to say….Blokes love making lists.

As a point of record, I am now signed up as an Amazon Affiliate and others for the only reason of covering my costs, I have run the site self-funded to date. Any HiFi recommendations I make are wholly independent as I always make clear and I will always recommend you listen to these fabulous and expensive products before purchase, as most HiFi retailers will allow or offer. In the case of Amazon products, you’ll know the drill with respect to Returns. Updated September 2019.