92 – Disraeli Gears

92 – Disraeli Gears


In a heavily psychedelic departure from the Blues, Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker) produce some excellent tracks as they seek to break free from the traditions of Blues and Rock n Roll.

In itself there are several standout tracks including the very famous ‘Sunshine of your Love’, which I think needs turning up really loud, or remastering or something, however… Also here is ‘Strange Brew’ and my favourite track ‘World of Pain’, which is an altogether more subtle interpretation of psychedelic blues.

The album title comes from a roadie getting his bike facts and his British Prime Ministers wrong with hilarious consequences.  Looking at getting a new bike, instead of referring to the new derailiuer gears that were the talk of the bike world Mick Turner referred to Benjamin Disraeli in conversation with Ginger Baker!

Considered to be a defining snapshot of 1967 the album tails off for a fraction for me but in the whole I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this.  Fresh Cream, their début album, marks the start of the departure from traditional Blues and rock and roll and I prefer it I think but Disraeli Gears continues the progression.  I think this is also marks the beginning of overused ‘wa-wa’ pedals in psychedelic rock, or is this progressive rock now?

Favourite track – World of Pain

Released – 1967

Rating – 7.5, preferred the Bluesbreakers to be honest, and ‘Fresh Cream’ is worth a good listen or two, I’d give Fresh Cream a 7.7 I think.

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