A Good Start to 2019

A Good Start to 2019

Dermot Kennedy

Well a slow start for me this year for various reasons, however lots of good music things have happened. Notably Dermot Kennedy’s new album, which is a really great piece of music. There’s a lot of Ben Howard going on here with high production values, and it sounds great.  If you’re not sure, just listen to ‘Power Over Me’, brilliant.

Next really bit of great news, after me fretting over the Essential Phone having MQA, is that MQA has arrived to all Android Phones.  My MQA copy of A Deeper Understanding was downloaded on my Pixel in minutes.  With the ACS Evolve in ear monitors, my portable listening is at the highest level and I’m delighted with the development.

I felt 2018 was a poor year for new music, but so far roll on 2019

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