Atlas Cables introduces its new Mavros Grun USB

Atlas Cables introduces its new Mavros Grun USB

Mavros Grun USBAtlas Cables, purveyors of lovely cabling, has introduced the latest development to its Mavros range of high end cables. The Mavros Grun USB features OCC (Ohno continuous casting) copper data and power conductors combined with low loss foamed polyethylene dielectric, innovative screening around individual conductor pairs and gold plated contacts. Atlas has also implemented their external Grun connection to route all interference to ground.

I use USB A-B from my computer files to my DAC and would be confident these cables would add quality to any system.  Prices are published as follows:

Mavros Grun 0.5m – £465.00
Mavros Grun 0.75m – £480.00
Mavros Grun 1.0m – £495.00
Mavros Grun 1.5m – £525.00
Mavros Grun 2.0m – £555.00
Mavros Grun 3.0m – £615.00
Mavros Grun 5.0m – £735.00

Each Mavros cable is supplied with a 1.0m GRUN cable as standard to enable simple low noise connectivity.

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