VPI launch 40th Anniversary turntable

VPI launch 40th Anniversary turntable

Well this looks stunning, forty years ago, VPI’s founder, Harry Weisfeld, started creating accessory components for his audiophile hobby. Crucially Weisfeld had a background in electrical engineering and he was fascinated with direct drive turntables and how he could improve them. This led to the founding of VPI and the development and manufacture of a range of award-winning turntables sold across the globe. The HW-40 celebrates the original direct drive motor design but it has been enhanced by the best of 2018’s motion control circuitry, vibration and isolation technology. And why wouldn’t you?

The HW-40 motor coils are composed in a solid copper square cross-section wire embedded in a composite structure. This facilitates a high-precision high-efficiency motor. The motor has high torque, excellent cooling, and near optimal interaction with electromagnetic conductors within the magnetic rotor circuit. This gives an easy to drive, quietly powerful next-generation direct drive motor.

The anniversary edition has a lovely retro feel and the 11.5 kilogram platter is going to keep even the thinnest piece of vinyl stable.

Some key features are here:

• Solid machined .7500 thick 6061 aluminium chassis. Painted textured black and damped internally with an MDF plate.
• Beautiful gloss-wood sides.
• Control buttons – 33, 45 and Start.
• Removable aluminium arm-board.
• Internal power supply and control circuitry.
• Removable hinged dust cover.
• 12″ gimbal 3D printed Fat-Boy tonearm
• Robust gimbal bearing featuring Japanese ABEC 9 bearings for ultra-low friction.
• Adjustable tonearm counterweight on a threaded shaft for fast and accurate VTF setting.
• New Fat-Boy VTA design – finer adjustment and a more robust machined aluminium and steel knob.
• Removable platter for easier shipping.

For more information have a look at the VPI website here.  Or visit Renaissance Audio here.  The HW-40 is retailing near £15,000.

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