Floating Points

In a week, month, of very few interesting album releases, save the plethora of re-releases, the album cover of Elaenia by Floating Points was an immediate draw.  A quick bit of googling reveals an ‘elaenia’ is a lythe South American bird.  And so the album flits about like a small South American bird, sometimes smooth, jazzy and delicate, latterly full on ‘King of Limbs’ epic.

The various tracks take you different places everytime you listen.  ‘Nespole’, is a noodly synth track that may put you off the remainder of the album, but stick with it because, 10 minutes of ‘Silhouettes’, a rangy free form contemporary jazz track, will draw you back in.


The title track, ‘Elaenia’, sounds like music from the ethereal and dreamlike App ‘Monument Valley’.  Now without being flippant, I love it.  And so the album evolves from this syth jazz to a full on Radiohead crescendo in ‘Peroration Six’.   Overall, produced beautifully, there is much to ponder here and the few listens I have had have taken me to a spooky halloween dream.  I would say if you were on a vinyl splurge, buy this and listen to the grooves, the ample silent moments, not the groove.

I was listening to a FLAC file from Tidal Music Streaming with an Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifier and Focal Spirit Classic headphones.  Heavenly set-up, dream-like music.

I forgot to do my track rating, I was so engrossed in the music, but here we go.

Track by Track Rating for Elaenia

Nespole – ***

Silhouettes (I, II, III) – ****

Elaenia – ****

Argenté – ***

Thin Air – ****

For Marmish-****

Peroration Six – *****

7 songs, 42 minutes, magical.

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