Hydreon Fake TV

Hydreon Fake TV

This is nice; a Fake TV.  It’s Christmas, we are all going to go away to see relatives for a night or two, but what about our goodies under the tree?  It plugs into the mains, maybe in your lounge, and then acts as a visual deterrent to any intruder or burglar by simulating the appearance you’re watching TV.  I’ve had it plugged in, it has a selection of red, green and blue LED lights that seem to randomly adjust giving a light show that is TV like.  It seems pretty random, it says so in my blurb.  It also sometimes goes dark which does happen on TVs sometimes.

There is a light sensor built in that figures out when it goes dark outside and then it fires up, for either 4 or 7 hours depending on your choice.  It shuts down  on its own or you can flick it off if you’ve been out for the evening.  It is pretty neat.

Obviously it needs subtle placing but as part of a solution, it works for me.

Fake TV is available for just £24.99 from Maplin stores nationwide.

For further information about Response Electronics and its products, visit www.responseelectronics.com/

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