HF&MS Best of 2023 – Chord Electronics Poly (for Mojo 2)

HF&MS Best of 2023 – Chord Electronics Poly (for Mojo 2)

Chord Poly with Mojo2

Chord Poly with SD Card

This year’s next Best of 2023 award goes to a slightly older product that has only been reviewed this year (thereby qualifying), indeed just in time for this reviewer’s poolside holiday with a Mojo 2 in tow (and a stunning pair of Meze Audio ADVAR in-ear monitors).  It is, of course, the Chord Electronics Poly that turns the amazing Mojo 2 DAC into a fully portable wonder!

HF&MS said of the Poly;

…the real benefit of the Poly is going to be if you are travelling.

And we concluded if you have a Mojo 2;

….you need one of these; you won’t regret it…

I see this week What HiFi called the Mojo 2 ‘still the best DAC at this price point’ at their awards. HF&MS agrees, giving the Mojo 2 a Best of 2022 award last year. The Poly is the upgrade you know you need for the Mojo 2.  So it is a double congratulations to Chord Electronics this week.

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