MOON wins High-End Stereo System Award

MOON wins High-End Stereo System Award

News this week of an award for MOON who has won a High-End Stereo System 2022-23 EISA award. The award is for the new MOON Voice 22 loudspeakers and ACE all-in-one music player, this system is on review here at at the moment and it is not hard to hear why MOON has won this award.

The EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) panel said of the MOON system:

Adding to the Canadian company’s successful line of hi-fi components, the Voice 22 is MOON’s first foray into loudspeakers – and it’s superb. A finely crafted two-way bookshelf/standmount, it benefits from a resonance-controlled bass-reflex cabinet, striking a fine balance between crisp detail and a weighty, room-filling performance that surprises given the compact design. This sonic signature will suit a variety of amplifiers, but the Voice 22 is ideally partnered with the slim but powerful ACE all-in-one. This integrates the company’s versatile MiND 2 streaming platform, intuitive app control, and a host of physical inputs with a powerful amplifier, ensuring the MOON Voice 22/ACE system will be loved by every music aficionado in the house.

Needless to say, MOON is very happy with the award and Etienne Gautier MOON’s Sales and Marketing Director said:

We are extremely pleased that our new Voice 22 loudspeakers and the ACE all-in-one music player have received a coveted EISA award. We have been manufacturing premium audio systems for over forty years and have used all our technical expertise to create the Voice 22s. Now, for the very first time, our products have their own voice. And, as the EISA panel has recognised, the ACE is their perfect partner.

EISA is a panel of leading industry experts extending from Europe across the globe including representatives from the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and beyond.



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