Audiovector’s new R-Series in-wall loudspeakers available

Audiovector’s new R-Series in-wall loudspeakers available

Audiovector’s new R-Series is available through Renaissance Audio.  It offers a premium custom install solution that comes in silk white, and matte black with matching cloth grilles, custom finishes are available on request.  The R-Series has three models, the Signature, Avantgarde and Arreté. They are all 3-way designed with twin midrange drivers, the Signature has an Evotech soft dome tweeter and the other models have an AMT tweeter design, like an electrostatic driver.    Audiovector claims these tweeters are ‘fast, detailed and non-fatiguing’.  The rear of the tweeter radiates into a double rear chamber to ‘significantly reduce distortion’.

MD of Renaissance (distributor of Audiovector in the UK and Ireland), John Carroll, said:

With so many custom install loudspeakers being not much more than a couple of drive units in a frame, the new R-Series Wall loudspeakers deliver everything one would expect from our friends in Copenhagen: sweet, musical and with that sense of ease and scale that Ole Klifoth has designed into every product that Audiovector makes. The contemporary finish with matte black or white frames and gunmetal baffles adds to the appeal of these wonderful new speakers.

RRP: OnWall, InWall/InCeiling: Signature £2,995, Avantgarde £3,800, Arreté £5,000

Audiovector's new R-Series

Audiovector’s new R-Series, from the left, the Signature, the Avantgarde and Arreté

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