HF&MS Newsletter #7 – August 2021

HF&MS Newsletter #7 – August 2021


T+A Caruso R

The T+A Caruso R

Welcome to the latest news from Hifiandmusicsource.com.  Although the summer is traditionally a bit quieter with the HiFi industry it has been a busy and fun summer here at HF&MS.  This last month we have posted reviews of some lovely products, not least T+A’s newest Caruso R, which was a muscular all in one system with much-improved App control.  Combined with ‘Alexa’ it was a popular bit of kit in the household for several weeks.

If you haven’t seen them we have published reviews of the Meze RAI Penta in-ear monitors which have been worn for a few miles in the last 3 weeks.  Also published today was the review of the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable.

Other reviews this month included the ‘Outstanding’ Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speaker cable which provided me with my first ‘night-and-day moment for several years.  In fact, the last time this happened was with another unexpected product, the Naim XPS DR.  Looking at both reviews again, the disbelief in my words stand out markedly.

Upcoming Reviews

Next week we will have a review of the stunning Moon 280D streaming DAC offered to HF&MS by Rennaisance Audio.  HF&MS has been hugely privileged to review some stunning Moon products in recent years not least the Moon 700i v2 with the Moon 780D and the 280D is benefitting from the technology these two stunning Sim Audio products no doubt.  Coming up also will be a review of the latest REL Tzero MkIIIs which HF&MS will be reviewing with the still fabulous Jern 14 DS speakers.  The Tzeros were installed as a pair by REL last week and the overall system sound is stunning, the review will be one of the first of the MkIIIs in a pair. I am also hopeful of receiving Triangle’s 40th Anniversary Comete standmouted speaker, a chat with their representative certainly makes them worth looking forward to. Finally, at HF&MS there will be a review of Paradigm’s new 5-driver, 3-way floorstanding Founder100F speakers that are ready to go with a Naim electronics pile with the aforementioned XPS power supply.


The new music scene seems a bit disappointing at the moment with the notable exception of Utopian Ashes that came out at the beginning of last month but was regrettably missed out of the last Newsletter.  The album is a collaboration between Bobbie Gillespie of Primal Scream fame and  Jehnny Beth of The Savages.  The album is beautifully produced and notable tracks include Your Heart Will Always be Broken, You Can Trust Me Now and Living a Lie.  Otherwise, Billie Eilish’s current release is a grower though I’m not sure she’s that happy! Finally, I’m a fraction underwhelmed with Angel Olsen’s latest release, a bunch of covers basically, and Jake Bugg’s new album today is still streaming on the Moon 280D but is yet to grab me as much as his eponymous debut release, the production is nice though.

Review Playlists

At HF&MS we love a Playlist, they get built them whilst listening to new bits of equipment, here is the Qobuz Playlist from the Tellurium Q Ultra Black II review and the same from the Meze RAI Penta review.  They feature many similar tracks but they are important as a reviewer and by listening to them so often you can hear and feel the difference between certain pieces of equipment.  The Miles Kane track is a particular favourite and it will feature on an up and coming playlist of  Perfect Songs that I’m currently building.  If you have a Perfect Song, why not list it in the comments below, or tweet hifiandmusicsource.com here.  We are @hifiandmusicso1

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