FYNE AUDIO launches its most affordable F500SP

FYNE AUDIO launches its most affordable F500SP

News right at closing time last week from Fyne Audio of their new affordable F500SP compact bookshelf loudspeaker. The F500SP loudspeaker design is based on the award-winning F500 cabinet and high end F700 components. The F500SP joins the F502SP and F501SP that were launched last year. Having listened to the beautifully turned out F1-5 in February this year, I’m certainly looking forward to hearing this bookshelf speaker that Fyne claims is personally tuned by Technical Director, Dr Paul Mills.

Fyne Audio F500SP

The F500SP integrates Fyne’s high quality bi-wire terminal panel with a fifth loudspeaker terminal for driver chassis grounding

The key component of the F500SP is the 150mm (6”) IsoFlare driver that was developed for the high end F700 loudspeaker.  This driver features the Fyne flute ribbed edge that ‘terminates cone energy’ and therefore the transfer of energy to the aluminium chassis.  The higher frequencies are handled by the same 25mm Magnesium dome compression tweeter with a neodymium magnet system that is used with the F700. Internally, many of the components are derived from the  F700  model including the crossover components, laminated core conductors and polypropylene capacitors.

Fyne Audio has produced a matching FS6 speaker stand with a heavy steel top plate.  The central column features a cable channel and this can be mass damped if required.

The Fyne Audio F500SP is available September 2021: F500SP – Piano Gloss Black / White: £1299.99 / or, F500SP – Piano Gloss Walnut Veneer: £1499.99 / pr


The matching FS6 stands for the F500SP

The Fyne Audio FS6 stands are available from September 2021:  FS6 – Textured Black with aluminium trim: £499.99 / pr

About Fyne Audio:

Founded in 2017, Fyne Audio is the brainchild of six audio-industry professionals with a mission to deliver groundbreaking loudspeakers, designed and manufactured in Scotland. With roots tracing back over 30 years across a number of Tier1 audiophile brands, the Fyne Audio team has created a dynamic, independent company energised with new ideas. With a strong Scottish heritage, international backing and high ethical values, Fyne Audio is the UK’s fastest growing audiophile brand.

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