Fyne Audio Announces Stand Mounts to F1 Series

Fyne Audio Announces Stand Mounts to F1 Series

FYNE AUDIO has expanded its flagship F1 series of loudspeakers with two stand mount models, the F1-5 and F1-8 (main picture), plus a dedicated stand with top plates to fit either model, the FS8.  The pictures look gorgeous.



Mostly extracted from the press release, Fyne Audio says the following: designed to bring the luxury build and high-end sound quality of Fyne’s statement loudspeaker concept to smaller rooms, these true point source monitors deliver unrivalled accuracy and compelling musical engagement.  Designed, manufactured and hand finished to Fyne’s exacting standards at its Glasgow UK facility, the traditional piano gloss real walnut veneers and opulent burr walnut inlays speak of the engineering excellence and detail within.

Distilling the acoustic design and bespoke technologies of the mighty Fyne Audio F1-12 into a compact cabinet design, the new stand mount models are based on 5” (125mm) and 8” (200mm) IsoFlareTM point source drivers. The smaller F1-5 unit mates a 125mm mid/bass cone complete with Fyne’s innovative FyneFluteTM roll surround, with a 19mm magnesium dome compression tweeter positioned at the centre of the driver. Covering the full audio range, this driver creates a time aligned isotropic wave front. The result is a true point source with vanishingly low distortion, high power handling and unequalled musical cohesion.

The larger F1-8 scales up its smaller sibling to an imposing stand mount design based on a dedicated 8” (200mm) IsoFlare driver. This unit combines a multifibre mid/bass cone with a 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, along with a raft of Fyne’s technologies and refinements, including FyneFlute roll surround, cast aluminium chassis and ferrite HF magnets.

F1-5 with soundstage adjustment

True to the F1 Series, both new stand mount models offer subtle control over the presence band output via a robust front mounted aluminium knob.  This unique control through the 2.5kHz-5kHz region, of up to +/-3dB, gives users subtle adjustment of the soundstage through the key vocal spectrum without impacting the overall balance or the speaker’s faithful reproduction of the original recording. The control can gently counter room issues such as being overly live or too heavily damped or can be left in the central 0dB position for a purist response in natural sounding rooms.

The F1-5 and F1-8 were first previewed at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show in February but Coronavirus shut-down across component suppliers (particularly parts requiring 5-axis CNC machining) put back production. The F1-5, F1-8 and FS8 stands are available from Fyne’s network of retailers now.

Fyne Audio F1-5, Piano Walnut Veneer; £2999.99 per pair

Fyne Audio F1-8, Piano Walnut Veneer; £5999.99 per pair

Fyne Audio FS8 loudspeaker stands, black; £999.99 per pair

About Fyne Audio:

Founded in 2017, Fyne Audio is the brainchild of six audio industry professionals with a mission to deliver ground-breaking loudspeakers, designed and manufactured in Scotland. With roots tracing back over 30 years across several Tier 1 audiophile brands, the Fyne Audio team has created a dynamic, independent company energised with new ideas. With a strong Scottish heritage, international backing and high ethical values, Fyne Audio is the UK’s fastest-growing audiophile brand.

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