MOON  deal in Lockdown

MOON deal in Lockdown

There seem to be some fabulous deals out there as this lockdown continues through the winter.

Most notable is a deal from MOON with their incredible ACE that I reviewed a while ago in October 2016. Renaissance Audio is offering the MOON Neo ACE, the all in one integrated amplifier and streaming DAC music player, with a Nordost Blue Heaven cable at £3,200.  In other words, you would just need a nice pair of speakers and you are away in this lockdown to listen to some calming music. You can choose which Nordost Blue Heaven cable you would like, from interconnect, digital, headphone, power, ethernet, USB or tonearm cables. I’d go power if it were me!

The Moon Neo ACE features MOON’s MiND control system which provides a full graphic interface allowing effortless access to a digital music library or streaming service and through the inbuilt Moving Magnet input can be connected to a turntable to get the most out of a vinyl recording.

I loved it and said at the time:

this MOON Nēo ACE is a must listen, if you are contemplating a high-level entry into HiFi

John Carroll, owner of Renaissance Audio, MOON’s UK distributor, further, says:

The ACE is one of my favourite MOON products. It is award-winning for a reason: it truly is a complete all-in-one system and is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly and simply access the performance audio world. And with the addition of a free Nordost Blue Heaven cable, the performance will be even better

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