140 – Trout Mask Replica

140 – Trout Mask Replica

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

This is my listen to Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, with their influential album Trout Mask Replica. For “influential”, I usually hear “self-indulgent crap” and this album is the rule, not the exception. There is nothing here for me, and I mean nothing.   I’m not convinced by Frank Zappa anyway and his production on this album only confirms my initial thoughts. This album is hard work, I’ve read the words “testing” and it is definitely.

I’m on this journey to find new, great, music but I guess I’m also here to hear rubbish to save myself the effort in future years and I can guarantee I’ll never listen to this 78 minutes ever again.  Indeed, I can’t see myself looking up Captain Beefheart’s back catalogue, similarly Zappa. There is no rhythm, enjoyment or hook here I can grab hold of.   Most of it seems out of tune and meanders poorly, I’m really surprised this is on this 1001 list.

There is nothing here for me, and I mean nothing

Interestingly, this album does not appear on Qobuz or Tidal for some reason and I’ve had a job finding it.  The Spotify version is not the same as this list from Wiki.  It is a shame this album and the Mothers of Invention albums have come along at this time when we all have more time for music with the Covid crisis.  I’ve been watching ‘The Vietnam War” series on Netflix which is a fascinating commentary on the American involvement in Vietnam as well as a reflective view of American culture and politics at the same time.  I’ve been hearing such amazing sixties classics as Gimme Shelter and Are you Experienced? and it has been a joy to randomly hear this music.  The playlist is here on Tidal, this is sixties music at its best, there’s no Captain Beefheart in this playlist! Roll on Creedance Clearwater Revival, my next album.


Side one

1. Frownland
2. The Dust Blows Forward ‘n the Dust Blows Back
3. Dachau Blues
4. Ella Guru
5. Hair Pie: Bake 1 (instrumental)
6. Moonlight on Vermont

Side two

1. Pachuco Cadaver
2. Bill’s Corpse
3. Sweet Sweet Bulbs
4. Neon Meate Dream of an Octafish
5. China Pig
6. My Human Gets Me Blues
7. Dali’s Car” (instrumental)

Side three

1. Hair Pie: Bake 2″ (instrumental)
2. Pena
3. Well
4. When Big Joan Sets Up
5. Fallin’ Ditch
6. Sugar ‘n Spikes
7. Ant Man Bee

Side four

1. Orange Claw Hammer
2. Wild Life
3. She’s Too Much for My Mirror
4. Hobo Chang Ba
5. The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica)
6. Steal Softly thru Snow
7. Old Fart at Play
8. Veteran’s Day Poppy


Album – Trout Mask Replica
Artist – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Favourite Tracks – ????
Released –  1969
Rating –  1, barely deserves it tbh!  (see Zappa a few albums ago)
Time – 78′51″
Tracks – 28?
Genre – Psychedelic Rock

Source – Spotify
Player/Streamers/DAC – Spotify Desktop on DELL XPS via Atlas USB GRUN
Amplifier – Questyle CMA400i headphone amplifier
Output – Oppo PM2 via Atlas Zeno
Next Album – 141 – Creedance Clearwater Revival – Bayou County

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