HiFi News – Magico M9 loudspeaker

HiFi News – Magico M9 loudspeaker

It is a slow period, but this has got to be done, news of the Magico M9 from Haywood, California.  Coming in at over two metres tall and weighing in at 454kg these M9s are retailing near £840,000 inc. VAT per pair!  I think my NAP250 might be a bit out of its depth here, although at 4Ohms impedance, maybe there’s plenty of speed and agility to cope?  Indeed, it seems you need two stereo amplifiers to drive these speakers, I’m advised.    

Magico M9I noted from the press statement that the tweeter features beryllium with a diamond vapour coating.  The mid-range and bass drivers feature a graphene-based nano-tec cone and there are five of them in total to deliver a four-way 6 driver configuration.  The cabinet itself features an aluminium core skinned with a carbon fibre outer layer.  There is a separate outboard crossover that is helpfully supplied with the speakers!

It is no hold barred from Magico but it does make you think about the other products in the Magico stable, though they are no more affordable.  The M2 in this series is retailing over £60k.  But you have to admire the ambition of this speaker, particularly at this time.


Magico M9 Specification

Magico M9Driver complement:
1.10-inch diamond coated Beryllium tweeter (x1)
6-inch Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cone with Aluminum honeycomb core (x1)
11-inch Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cones with Aluminum honeycomb core (x2)
15-inch Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cones with Aluminum honeycomb core (x2)

Sensitivity: 94 dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency response: 18 Hz – 50 kHz
Power handling: 20 W (min) to 2000 W (max)

Loudspeaker: 80” H x 40” D x 20” W (203 x 102 x 51 cm)
Crossover: 8” H x 18” D x 20” W (20 x 46 x 51 cm)
Crossover power supply: 8” H x 18” D x 20” W (20 x 46 x 51 cm)
Weight:  Loudspeaker: 1000 pounds (454 kg) each
Crossover: 40 lbs. (18 kg)
Crossover power supply:  60 lbs. (27 kg)
Retail Price: POA
Ship date: Q4 2020

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