My album of the year – 2019

My album of the year – 2019

Calexico (and Iron and Wine)

by a mile, my most listened to album this year has been ‘Years to Burn’ by Calexico (and Iron and Wine)

It’s don’t look back in anger time at the start of the new year.  And looking back at 2019, by a mile, my most listened to album this year has been ‘Years to Burn’ by Calexico (and Iron and Wine).  It is very much ‘Americana’ or ‘folk-rock’ by genre, but it is wonderfully rhythmic and rangy in style, it has a large slice of The War on Drugs’ album ‘A Deeper Understanding’ which could well be my album of the decade, though I have not given this any thought, to be honest.  It is also very nicely produced which I appreciate on a reviewing day so that really does help.

In my view 2019 has been a slightly disappointing year for new music for me after the encouraging start by Dermot Kennedy.   Other nice albums for me this year have included The Imperial by Delines and the year was somewhat rescued by Coldplay’s very innovative and delightful ‘Everyday Life‘.  I bought the vinyl copy that is beautifully produced and presented and I really do like the way they do vinyl these days.  However, I’m not so happy receiving a crappy mp3 download with my album, I feel an uncompressed download should be a minimal offering.  Not complaining much though as I do have a Tidal account.

My other stand out albums this year have included Taylor Swift’s offering, ‘Lover’ and although I ended up not listening to it much I really did like ‘Father of the Bride’ by  Vampire Weekend.  I can’t put my finger on why I have not listened to it much, but I bought it, streamed it and loved it for a week or so.  Finally, I have particularly enjoyed the Nick Cave album ‘Ghosteen’ towards the end of the year, it is musically and especially lyrically brilliant.


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