What’s on Tidal

What’s on Tidal

Let’s Go Sunshine

After a particularly barren year, in my opinion, for good new music (please feel free to comment and prove me wrong) I was pleased to accidentally listen to the new Kooks album, ‘Let’s Go Sunshine‘.  A particularly summer and joyful return after a couple of dodgy albums.  I wouldn’t call this edgy Indie music by any stretch but I enjoyed it, given the accidental find and the outcome.

Also, good on the ear, is Passenger’s new album ‘Runaway‘.  A really nicely produced album but nothing new from the excellent singer songwriter.

Finally, also slight accident, but rather enjoyable is he album ‘Bloom‘ by Troye Sivan.  It was an accident in this case because I thought I was about to listen to ‘Bloom’ by Beach House, but Tidal knew better.  Still it is good, mellow, soulful and sounds great on my ageing KEFs that I am back in love with after my flirtation with the very desirable Focal Kantas.  Now that was ‘Summer Lovin’.

Bloom by Troye Sivan

I did also listen to Thom Yorke’s ‘Suspirium‘, basically from a new film I think.  It is  worth a listen for sure.

Anyway, have listen and turn it up.  If you have other views on this years best music, please do feel free to commebt.

This week I note new music from The Fratellis and new albums from two greats, Paul Simon and Paul McCartney.

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