Focal Kanta Range extended

Focal Kanta Range extended


As predicted by this site when looking at the Kanta No.2 at the beginning of the summer, The No.2s have been joined by a new Kanta No.1 bookcase speaker and a new No.3 flagship for the Focal Kanta Range.  Also released is a new centre speaker for AV types.  The speakers feature the latest technological innovations introduced by Focal at the Kanta launch last October including the new beryllium tweeters and flax mid range cones.

In summary Focal suggest the No.1s are optimal for rooms up to 25m2, the No.2s for 25-40m2 and the No.3s are for rooms up to 80m2. Beyond that you are looking at Sopra I guess.

Retail Prices in the UK are £4,499 for No.1s, £6,999 for the Kanta No.2s and for the No.3s, £8,999.

Kanta No.3 in Anthracite

The centre speaker is priced near £2,299 and is joined by a Sub Woofer to complete an AV installation.   I am bound to say, myself, based on my experience with Focal Sib EVO package a Kanta AV set-up might seem a little extravagant!

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