Atlas Cables launch Asimi Luxe

Atlas Cables launch Asimi Luxe

Asimi LuxeAsimi Luxe

Atlas Cables, the engineering-led cable specialist, has introduced the latest development to its range-topping Asimi speaker cable, called Asimi Luxe.   The Asimi Luxe has been designed by Atlas to surpass the performance of all previous products and utilises the company’s Grun grounding solution.   Asimi Luxe utilises the purest conductor available to any audio company worldwide – OCC solid silver – and is finished in hand-stitched Nappa leather.

This is serious cabling designed to look as good as it sounds.  The Asimi Luxe utilises the purest conductor available to any audio company worldwide – OCC solid silver. Asimi Luxe is made up of six separate OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) solid silver conductors, shrouded by the most complex dielectric material that Atlas has produced to date.  The Asimi Luxe uses a helical cotton spiral (dielectric constant 1.3 – 1.4) to create an air (dielectric constant 1.000589) spaced void near the cable surface. The cable geometry is stabilised by a tensioned controlled layer of microporous PTFE (dielectric constant 1.7). This transition controlled graduated dielectric delivers near perfect electrical properties.  The solder-free Asimi Luxe is terminated with Atlas Transpose deep silver-plated plugs, which allows easy switching between expanding 4mm connectors, spade and Z-plugs, giving the consumer total choice and flexibility in the future.

In addition the Asimi Luxe uses a double screen (Alu-Mylar/95% woven) alongside the acclaimed Atlas dual drain system, which, when used in conjunction with Atlas Grun cables, effectively snubs out any RF (Radio Frequency) emission from the cables and reduces the overall system RF load.  Finally, the Asimi Luxe Grun is indeed a world beater in terms of technology and sonic ability. However, manufacturing a great sounding cable is one thing.

Asimi LuxeThe cables are finished in a choice of leather finishes:  Ebony, Brogue, Ivory and Daytona Red and include two two stitching options – Cross stitch and Baseball stitch. No other manufacture offers this level of customisation or quality.

The Asimi Luxe with Grun is available in three configurations;

Asimi Luxe 2-2
Asimi Luxe 2-4
Asimi Luxe 4-4

UK retail prices for the Asimi Luxe 2-2, 2-4 or 4-4
1.0m     –              £6,600 inc vat
1.5m      –              £9,400 inc vat
2.0m     –              £12,200 inc vat
2.5m     –              £15,000 inc vat
3.0m     –              £17,800 inc vat

Atlas Cables Luxe finish launched

In addition, Atlas Cables has introduced Luxe to the overall offering.  This sees the Asimi Luxe concept rolled across the range of cables.   Referring to the luxurious Nappa leather covering that is hand-stitched the length of the cable, Luxe allows customers to choose from a range of colour and stitching options, offering them a unique feel and lavish finish for their cables.  Available as standard on the new flagship Asimi Luxe speaker cable and all Asimi interconnect products the Luxe finish is also available as an upgrade on many other Atlas cables, offering Atlas owners the chance to upgrade their existing cables to this sumptuous option.

The Luxe upgrade is available in four standard Nappa leather finishes; Ebony, Brogue, Ivory and Daytona Red.  Completing the finish is two stitch options – Cross stitch and Baseball stitch.  A fully bespoke service is also available, so were a customer keen to match the leather in their favourite Ferrari, Atlas could manufacture a one off.

Atlas Luxe finishing is supplied as standard on the following cables;
Asimi Grun        –              speaker cables
Asimi Ultra        –              interconnect cables
Asimi XLR         –              interconnect cables

Atlas Luxe is offered as an option on the following cables;
Mavros Grun     –              speaker cable
Mavros Ultra     –              interconnect cables
Mavros XLR      –              interconnect cables
Ascent Grun      –              speaker cable
Ascent Ultra      –              interconnect cables
Ascent XLR       –              interconnect cables
Eos superior      –              power cables
Luxe standard upgrade is priced at £225per meter (UK retail).

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