What’s on Tidal?

What’s on Tidal?

Jonny Greenwood

Having the Auralic Aries Mini and a bit of exploring time, I have been listening to the following on Tidal Music Streaming, which I would highly commend.

The Phantom Thread (main picture) is possibly Daniel Day Lewis’s last film, the soundtrack has been penned by Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead’s guitarist, inspiration and other instruments).  The music is quite intense but loving presented and it sounds fantastic in pair of Focal Clear headphones.  It is available in the Tidal Masters section and it is beautiful, earning an Oscar nod just last week.

Nils Frahm

Also of note in the last few weeks for me has been the latest release from Nils Frahm, called ‘All Melody’.  It is often in the background whilst I am reading but it is also really nicely presented and builds from his ‘Solo’ release which I listen to often as I downloaded a 24 bit 96kHz copy of it and I use it for reference listening.





Omer Klein

I’m also enjoying Omer Klein’s beautiful, peaceful piano album on Tidal, called ‘Sleepwalkers‘.  Again for a bit of considered listening it worth a good listen.  I think it came out last year, but it is lovely.

Finally, if you’re longing for something with voices and a bit more tempo in the car First Aid Kit and Django Django have new albums out this month.

Django Django







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