Hi-Fi Cinema for Podspeakers

Hi-Fi Cinema for Podspeakers

Last week Hi-Fi Cinema was awarded the UK distribution rights for Danish loudspeaker maker Podspeakers. Based in Aldermaston, Berkshire, HiFi Cinema has long been associated with the iconic brand and will now set about re-launching Podspeakers in the UK. I have a lovely pair of their ‘The Drop’ speakers that I will review as soon as I can (see pic).

The original Minipod was one of the world’s most recognised loudspeaker designs. Launched back in the 1990s, the Minipod set a benchmark for what can be achieved when moving away from conventional square box cabinets. Designed and developed to reduce the unwanted internal standing waves that create distortion within a loudspeaker enclosure, the distinctively shaped ‘form follows function’ design has now become a classic and a true audio icon.

With a host of new products to promote, Hi-Fi Cinema will set about re-introducing the range to independent Hi-Fi retailers. Combined with a PR and Marketing campaign aimed at reaching design-led consumers and audiophiles alike, the brand will see significant activity throughout 2017.

Stocks of Podspeakers are already available from HiFi Cinema and interested retailers should contact them now.

Web: www.hificinema.co.uk

The Podspeaker site is here. http://www.podspeakers.co/

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