High times at hifiandmusicsource.com

High times at hifiandmusicsource.com

Heady days here at hifiandmusicsource.com with highest browsing numbers (thank you) and a stock room of new products to look at. Including the following:


The Moon Neo 230HAD Headphone amplifier and DSD/DAC, which will be decoding my new DSD downloads (what a pain that is!).





The Ruark R4, currently going through its paces in the kitchen/diner.






And the Rega Elicit R, no less, a real Class A blockbuster and is currently warming up nicely on my test bed.



With the new release Arcam ir DAC-II in-situ, in the draft box as we speak , please check back to hear about theseDSC_0100 high quality products on hifiandmusicsource.com.




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