118 – The Songs of Leonard Cohen

118 – The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen

Well I never knew that, The Sisters of Mercy were named after a Leonard Cohen song on this debut from the Canadian story teller and lyricist. So I am immediately humming (and then playing on Tidal) The Temple of Love followed ever so swiftly with This Corrosion, Lucretia My Reflection, No Time to Cry, etc. Almost inevitably, the Sisters of Mercy the track is a slight disappointment with a rather inept squeeze box dominating the tinkling background.

Back to Mr Cohen who is quite droney after a while, though lyrically poetic, interesting and descriptive. He does like his ‘bodies’. Stand out track ‘Suzanne’, about a muse of his with whom he had a platonic relationship (‘I touched your body with my mind’), is a very nice piece of work although not bettered on this album. All round a good introduction to Cohen, who I have never listened to, yes really!

Album – Songs of Leonard Cohen
Artist – Leonard Cohen
Favourite Track – Suzanne
Released – 1967
Rating – 7.1
Time – 40.57
Tracks – 10

Source – Tidal
Player/Streamers – Asus laptop
Amplifier/DAC – Arcam ir DAC-II (NEW!)
Output – Oppo PM-3

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