Arcam MusicBOOST S for iPhone 6S

Arcam MusicBOOST S for iPhone 6S

Millions of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6Ss and the first MusicBOOST fitted only the iPhone 6, slight oversight. Excellently, here is the new Arcam MusicBOOST S, that fits both the iPhone 6 and the slightly thicker 6S. The new model, just released, is still ‘Made for iPhone’, it still doubles the battery life and it still improves audio music quality for just £120 inc VAT.

I liked the version 1 of this Arcam MusicBOOST, my review is here.  The product is good and the marginal gain from the Arcam kudos is good, if you have the money.  Arcam needed the 6S in the stable so this is good news.


UK Price £120 inc VAT – On Sale UK Now
USA Price $189 + Sales Tax – On Sale USA May 2016



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