Pro-Ject Record Cleaning Machine

Pro-Ject Record Cleaning Machine

Pro-Ject has today announced that its first ever record cleaning machine has come to the UK.  The Pro-Ject VC-S is retailing at £299.

The VC-S comes as a complete ready-to-use system. Simply mount the record on the clamp, mix the cleaning solution and apply it to the record surface; spread PJ-Phono-VC-S-out the fluid using the supplied goats hair brush, spinning the record forwards and backwards; then apply the vacuum arm and switch the suction on. In as little as a couple of very quick rotations, you’ve cleaned Side A. Flip the record over and repeat for Side B.

I found my rather exhausted copy of Hotel California after Glenn Frey’s death was announced so I’ll see if I can get this record cleaner reviewed for our mutual benefit!!

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