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Flying Vinyl

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A short word, and kind regards to Craig, on Flying Vinyl; a new company dedicated to new vinyl music, sent throughDSC_0007 the post monthly with a selection of new independent music.  I have received the latest October ’15 offering, apparently the fifth month of such offering.

In my package received in the post last Friday were five 7 inch singles.





Viola Beach

Moses Gunn Collective

Venice Trip


B. Miles

Title Track

Swings and Waterslides


Look Forward

Acid Kids/Sugar

Shaking Hands

The music is firmly independent, I like it as a 6 music devotee.  Of the bands on offer, I really liked Viola Beach and Venice Trip as new artists,  B Miles also sounds great with her track Shaking Hands.  I had better mention Juice whose acid yellow vinyl press deserves a mention.

There are several concerts lined up around the UK featuring the same artists in places like Bristol, London and Edinburgh.

Best wishes to Flying Vinyl.


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