99 – Groovin’

99 – Groovin’

The Young Rascals

I’m really struggling to find the motivation for some of these albums.  Problem is when it’s Dylan or Bowie it is easy to feel the inspiration knowing there is something there to look for.  However, after a break, I’m back.   And with soulful sounds and a Motown vibe this is just the way to get back into the history of albums.

From Garfield, no less, New Jersey it is easy to see how the Detroit sound found its way onto this record (it’s not that far).  But this is a wonderful record full of great tunes and sounds to refresh the heart as the sun come out in spring.  I’m going to be having a scoot around a few record shops to see if I can pick up some vinyl but for now I’m happy to stream this and muddle through their back catalogue.

My favourite Track is ‘A Girl Like You’ but of course ‘Groovin’ is a classic, from a bunch of white guys it is wonderful too.

Released – 1967

Favourite Track – A Girl Like You

Rating – 8.2


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