Damson Bone Conducting Headphones

Damson Bone Conducting Headphones

This is a review of Damson’s British-made bone conducting headphones called Headbones. Priced at £99.99, they work using a Bluetooth connection and sit on the temporal bone, just level with and in front of your ears.

This article was produced by myself but was written for, and was published by, LetsTalkTech.com.  See the enclosed link for the full article on Damson Bone Conducting Headphones.

The Good:  The safety aspect for music lovers and mobile phone junkies alike of this amazing technology cannot be over-stated. Bonus points for being waterproof and sweat proof, making them convenient for runners, cyclists and active people.

The Bad:  It is not an audiophile experience but it is totally acceptable if you want portable music, safely on the go.

The Bottom Line: A great mobile audio solution for the most active people on the move, with a built in microphone for answering calls too.


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