100 – Surrealistic Pillow

100 – Surrealistic Pillow

Jefferson Airplane

Nice 60s music but I really need some Dylan or Led Zeppelin into get my daily routine back up to speed.

Crikey, type Jefferson Airplane into Tidal Music Streaming and you get loads of music, these guys were prolific! This album is considered to be essential to the Electric Summer of Love. From California with Byrds, Yardbirds and Mamas and Papas influences and additionally with bright guitars, tambourines, harmonising and crazy falsetto vocals the album starts nicely. ‘Somebody to Love’, followed by ‘My Best Friend’ (this isn’t Queen by the way), is a folk rock classic but ‘Today’ is the beginning of the waywardness to come with dreamy and wistful lyrics that leave
me slightly confused after a good beginning.

‘3/5 mile in 10 seconds’ gets it back but I have no clue what it refers to. Thereafter I’m left slightly nonplussed but I do get the vibe and it is pleasant ‘Embryonic Journey’ is a nicely produced acoustic piece that fits nowhere on this type of album, it’s more Simon and Garfunkel to be honest. Then ‘White Rabbit’ with Alice in Wonderland and obvious drug references comes along. This album feels like a bit of a mash-up of ideas if you ask me. If you look at the list of writers I think that reflects this view but there is no real album thread here for me.

I am bound to sat that the nicely produced, stereo copy, I listened to on Tidal Music Streaming was clear and
neatly presented.
Favourite Track – Embryonic journey
Released – 1967
Rating – 6.6

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