Audiovector QR Special Edition Announced

Audiovector QR Special Edition Announced

Audiovector QR Special Edition Announced

Audiovector QR Special Edition detail

Excellent news this week on a new update to the QR range, called Audiovector QR Special Edition.  The new series claims to offer a cleaner treble with improved detail with a few other innovations including heat treatment designed to open the range even further.  The QR3s and the QR1s seem particularly open to me already, see the QR1 review where we said;

Instrument separation can be heard clearly…

There is also a new ‘polypropylene tin flash copper capacitor’ that provides the best possible environment for the innovative AMT (Air Motion Technology) Tweeter to deliver a more open sound.

The new Audiovector QR Special Edition feature a new golden brass badge on the front (instead of the silver ones on the QR3s I have here).  The range has a choice of standard finishes: White Silk, Dark Walnut and Black Piano.

Renaissance’s MD, John Carroll, said;

Audiovector QR Special Edition

Audiovector QR3 Special Edition in piano black

The new QR SE series represents a great step forward in loudspeaker design. Very often, an upgraded range delivers only minimal improvements in technology, styling, and performance. This is certainly not the case here – the focus development was improved performance; the new speakers deliver a hugely improved sound at perfect price points.

Audiovector QR Special Edition prices start at £1,350.  Renaissance Audio distributes Audiovector products in the UK and Ireland.



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