Best of 2023 – Cambridge Audio ALVA TT V2

Best of 2023 – Cambridge Audio ALVA TT V2

Cambridge Audio ALVA TT V2

Cambridge Audio ALVA TT V2 has a detachable cartridge headshell

Just a few awards left this year. This next one goes to the unexpectedly amazing Cambridge Audio ALVA TT V2, their flexible turntable with Bluetooth, line out or phono out options, making it a very interesting vinyl solution in this modern age.  Surprisingly, in our review, HF&MS found the moving coil turntable offered;

…the warmth of the vinyl experience…accessible even with Bluetooth.

There was the usual quality feel from Cambridge Audio where we noted;

The Cambridge Audio ALVA TT V2 is exquisitely presented, it is a thing of beauty.

And we concluded;

…this turntable really should be high on your list of options…

Cambridge Audio has demonstrated this year with this ALVA TT V2 and the brilliant AXN10 streaming DAC that it can offer exceptional value for money at the sharp end of the HiFi game. Not to mention the all-in-one EVO 150, which won a Best of 2022 Award, last year.  Congratulations to Cambridge Audio for this award and their range of products.

Cambridge Audio EVO 150

Cambridge Audio EVO 150 has a 6.8-inch full-colour display and would be an ideal partner for the new ALVA turntable

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