Cyrus Audio BluOS XR and Classic Streamers

Cyrus Audio BluOS XR and Classic Streamers

Classic-STREAM, no display, no problem with BluOS

Cyrus Audio has this week announced the two new Streamers, both based on the BluOS streaming platform.  They are the Cyrus Audio Stream-XR and Classic-STREAM, both of which are fully featured streaming DACs capable of wirelessly playing lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz.  They are available for shipping this week.  It looks like the Stream-XR is priced at £2,495 at Audio Affair and the Classic-STREAM is £1,995.  The XR has Cyrus’ 2nd Generation QXR DAC platform and it can be upgraded with the Cyrus PSU-XR power supply which is £2,395 in the UK.  The Classic-STREAM has the 1st Generation QXR DAC platform and it too can have the power supply upgraded with the PSX-R2 power supply.

The choice of the BluOS platform is a wise one by Cyrus.  The BluOS operating system can be controlled with ease in iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac or PC computers.  It supports just about everything including Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify and others.  It is Roon Ready (pending) and has Airplay2 and MQA decoding.

Chris Hutcheson, Head of Marketing says:

This strategic partnership with BluOS is very important for Cyrus. It allows us to concentrate on what we do best, which is engineering amazing-sounding electronics, with the addition of the strongest streaming platform currently in the market.

About Cyrus Audio

Cyrus Audio is an internationally acclaimed, high-end audio brand based in Cambridgeshire, England.  The company has been at the forefront of the audio scene for nearly

Cyrus Audio BluOS XR

The Stream-XR includes the Cyrus 2nd Generation QXR DAC

40 years. Having launched the original Cyrus One amplifier back in 1984, it quickly established itself as a company providing outstanding quality for the most discerning of music-lovers, and it has been designing and manufacturing award-winning audio products ever since. Cyrus is proud to be one of the few remaining independent British brands, with their range of integrated amps, CD players, power amps and power supplies continuing to be manufactured in the UK.

Its talented R&D team has been responsible for several industry firsts over the years, and it continues to push technological boundaries in pursuit of bringing a better music experience to its customers.  The brand’s key focus is on ensuring that the emotional content of the music is captured, which is why listening to music on a Cyrus system is a truly engaging and uplifting experience.  Cyrus has also gained a reputation for products that have a stylish, compact design and, because they can be upgraded, provide lifetime value for the customer.

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