Newsletter #30, July 2023

Newsletter #30, July 2023

Welcome to this Newsletter #30, a look back at HF&MS over the last month at reviews you may have missed and a look forward to reviews coming up. It has been holiday time and a family tour of France has been accompanied by the peerless Chord Electronics Mojo 2 with the brilliant Poly which makes poolside relaxing a newfound wireless joy.


Serhan Swift Mu2 Mk II

Serhan Swift Mu2 Mk II, individually signed off by the designers

There have been a few fewer reviews this month, though a prior period of YouTube dedication has seen three new videos this month featuring the Serhan Swift Mu2 MkII loudspeakers, a review of the North West Show (featuring interviews with Chord Electronics, iFi Audio and Node loudspeakers) and a video discussing the REL Carbon Special.  If you get the chance to subscribe to the channel, please do as it helps us get to subscriber numbers where we can start to gain momentum with YouTube and their dastardly algorithms!

This month has seen reviews of the Edifier D12 Bluetooth loudspeaker, the fantastic Chord Poly streaming module that pairs with the Mojo 2, making it a wireless DAC/headphone amplifier on the move and, this weekend a review of the Outstanding Vertere DG-1S turntable.

Coming Up

In the next month, there will be several reviews, including our review of the talk-of-town Eversolo DMP-A6 streaming DAC, which I must say is just great fun indeed, without giving too much away.  In the same way, as the HiFiRose RS250 was slick and clean, this DAC with a touchscreen, the choice of several VU Meters and a super clean streaming App that makes streaming so much fun.  The price of this DMP-A6 at just £759 at distributor AudioEmotion is also notable and it will certainly cause a few headaches at the likes of Bluesound and Cambridge Audio.  Indeed, next to the Eversolo here at HF&MS is a Bluesound Node X, priced at £699, their limited Edition streaming module celebrating 10 years in streaming.

Vertere DG-1S

Vertere DG-1S, is getting a bit dusty

Other reviews coming this month include a look at the Audiovector QR1 standmounted loudspeakers, which have surprised me with their smooth delivery, surprising because they have a ribbon-style tweeter.  The tweeter is actually an Air Motion Transformer design that is in fact a very thin pleated diaphragm design, maybe this innovation has contributed to the surprise.

Other reviews coming will include a look at the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAS twenty-two thousand pound stereo power amplifier, the big brother of the newly announced 800.2 integrated amplifier.

Long overdue at this publication will be a review of the tremendous T+A 200 series that has been the backdrop to the summer here at HF&MS.

New Music

The Ballad of Darren by Blur

New Music has been a bit thin this month, particularly with the holiday and being away.  However, the release of a new album from Blur is particularly interesting, and it represents their first full release for many years in their original Britpop lineup.  This publication also remembered the passing of Astrud Gilberto earlier in the month.


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