REL subwoofer No. 32

REL subwoofer No. 32

Seven years in development, REL has announced the release of REL subwoofer No. 32, an upgrade on their legendary No. 25 subwoofer. REL goes so far as to say in their launch:

No.32 is superior to its forbear, No.25, in every meaningful way. In some ways, it is only slightly superior. In other ways, it far exceeds the capabilities of No.25.

REL subwoofer No. 32

REL subwoofer No. 32 can be vertically stacked in an array

REL ‘s No. 32 has apparently been in development since the first No. 25 shipped.  The REL No. 32 has a 380mm (15 inches) driver, the cone is entirely carbon fibre. The 10mm (4inches) voice coil remains the same as the No.25 but the spider and materials used to attach the voice coil former are upgraded, as well as the surround.  REL claims that No. 32 is “faster, quicker and deeper where it counts, between 20-25Hz.” It boasts 1,000W of Class D amplification.

The REL No. 32, their flagship product, is on the REL site priced at £10,000.  You can find a dealer here.



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