T+A launches compact high-end Series 200

T+A launches compact high-end Series 200

T+A Series 200

The T+A Series 200 MP 200 in silver

News, last week in fact, of the T+A Series 200 range of compact high-end equipment based on the HA 200 headphone amplifier that was ecstatically reviewed here on HF&MS prior to the first lockdown.  What better way to be locked down?

The T+A Series 200 features the ‘Outstanding’ HA 200 the MP 200 multisource streaming player, the DAC 200, which has a preamplifier and the A 200 125W/channel power amplifier (into 8 Ohms).

Oliver John, T+A International Sales Director explains,

Our first headphone pre-amplifier – the HA 200 – is an exclusive and uncompromising device whose D/A converter has inherited the genes of our reference DAC, the SDV 3100 HV, so its great success in the marketplace wasn´t a surprise for us. This triumph confirmed our view that the time was right to develop a new series of highly specialised devices based on the HA 200

T+A Series 200

The T+A Series 200 A 200 power amplifier in black

The DAC 200 takes its style notes from the HA 200 and Lothar Wiemann, Director of Development, considered it a logical step to build a range around the HA 200,

From the outset the devices of the Series 200 were intended to be specialist products, allowing a mix-and-match eco-system to develop.  We have designed all the units in such a way that they fulfil superbly their task as separate devices, but become even better when combined within a system

The DAC 200 has Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer services and is currently undergoing certification for Roon.  The DAC  200 also has a 4.4mm Pentaconn output

All the T+A Series 200 devices can be ordered immediately and will be delivered to authorised specialist dealers starting in October 2021.

The 200 series will be distributed by KOG Audio in the UK.

Prices are as follows:

MP 200:        EUR 4,390                  USD 5,700                   £3,990

DAC 200:      EUR 5,490                  USD 6,900                   £4,990

A 200:           EUR 3,790                  USD 4,900                   £3,490

About T+A

T+A Series 200

The T+A Series 200 DAC 200 in Black

T+A is a family business currently managed by the first and second generations. Our name has been our guiding principle since our inception in 1978. By bringing “Theory and Application” together, we create, optimise and produce Hi-Fi components of the finest quality at our company based in Herford. We consider using science and rigorous development of new audio technologies and designs as the cornerstone of making great products. In everything we do, we aim to create fully mature High-End products which make the emotional content of the music even
more palpable to our customers.

From audio systems via loudspeakers to headphones and accessories: the outstanding characteristics of T+A products are their extremely long product cycles, a technological design that is made to last and extensive upgrade facilities. All the important components are designed and developed by the company itself, based in Eastern Westphalia. Since 1978 T+A has been creating designs that combine cutting edge technology with modern materials and a timeless appearance. We have no truck with short-term hype, always preferring to create machines that remain elegant and powerful even after decades.





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