Audio Research launch new I/50

Audio Research launch new I/50

News from Minnesota from the self-styled ‘American gods of valve-based audio’, who have launched the new I/50 integrated amplifier which will be the first in a new series by Audio Research.

Audio Research new I/50

Audio Research new I/50 integrated amplifier

After recent experience here at HF&MS of tube amplification, this one will be worth looking at, firstly, and then listening to.  The I/50 has a ceramic coated top-plate that comes in six colours. Two top-mounted controls display the volume and input channel in two Lexie tubes at the front, very cool.  The I/50 has three 6922 valves in the input and driver stages, with two matched pairs of 6550WE valves in the output stage.  The Audio Research I/50 offers 50W per channel and has a set of balanced XLR inputs and three RCA style inputs.  Next year there will be the option of a modular phono stage and/or a DAC.  There is a headphone output and remote control.

The Dimensions of the Audio Research I/50 are (WxHxD) 42 cm x 18 cm x 34 cm.  It is approximately 18.1 kg

The Audio Research I/50 integrated valve amplifier is available in the UK from October 2021, distributed exclusively by Absolute Sounds. UK RRP is £5,698 inc. VAT. Absolute Sounds is the sole UK distributor of Audio Research products.

About Audio Research

Audio ResearchEstablished in 1970, Audio Research is one of the oldest continuously operating manufacturers in American audio and has long represented the pinnacle of valve-based audio design

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