Vertere Redline RCA Interconnect – HiFi Review

Vertere Redline RCA Interconnect – HiFi Review

This is my review of the Vertere Redline RCA interconnect.  I’ve had the pleasure of listening through Veretere’s Redline range previously with my Naim NAC-N 272 to a NAP 250 and also with the recent review with the Naim Supernait 3 and their ND5 XS2.  On both occasions, I have been very impressed with the improvement in my system because the cables are so clean.  The Vertere philosophy is to let the cable deliver the signal as clean as possible and this philosophy understands cables can add nothing to the outcome, only stand aside from the process.  This Vertere Redline RCA has delivered the same outcome as the Vertere Naim interconnector I reviewed several months ago.  Basically, if you spending four or five figures on your electronics (or turntable) then several hundred pounds on an interconnector does seem to be a sensible bit of investment.


The Redline series is a line for Vertere that takes from their top of the range hand-built products, labelled HB, it sits below this range in respect of price and materials.  The Redline series is double shielded with an outer screen braid and a conductive foil, delivering lower noise.

The Press Release goes on to say “Seven independent high-purity copper (not pre-used or reclaimed) conductors per channel of different thicknesses and plating surrounded by low-dialectic constant FEP are utilised per channel (x1 Ground, x3 Signal (Hot), x3 Signal (Return)). This allows the flexibility of different configurations for different uses. The six (two thin and four thick) signal conductors are silver plated.  The thicker dedicated ground conductor is tin-plated.”

Vertere are at pains to note that cables cannot add to performance only take away and their less is more philosophy certainly chimes with my own, but the difference is marked.  The focus really does seem to be not imparting any colouration (affecting the tone), interference or distortion to the signals being transferred.  They can’t add any dynamic range to any system.


The cables are soft to the touch, they do not coil back up out of the substantial and reassuring box.  On these Vertere Redline RCA cables, the sheath from the connector to cable is not as long as with my Naim 5 pin DIN sheath.  The cables are relatively thin, they are presented in red appropriately, so they have the touch of ‘Wow’ on installation, though of course, you can barely see them.   The connector itself does not bite heavily or need any force, unlike some cables I have come across, notably from Chord.  This means you can connect and twist them in, ensuring a tight electrical contact Vertere Redline RCAthrough this process.  I noted that the sleeve around the connector unscrewed fairly easily and this revealed the lovely engineering in the connector.



I have the Oppo BDP-105 as my CD source, so straight analogue out through their Sabre DAC to the amplifier with the Vertere Redline RCA interconnections under review here.  I have a Rega Aethos integrated amplifier at the moment, an exceptional piece of equipment, so this is a very nice sound on all levels.   I’m using my own Jern 14 DS speakers supported by a REL T5i subwoofer, bare wired.

The key issue for this test is; do I have a revealing system that can identify any gain or loss in this test?  I think I have, as control or for comparison I’m using Atlas Mavros RCA interconnects.  The comparison will be versus an old school Mavros RCA because current Mavros cables only come with GRUN (Atlas’ very effective earthing system) these days, and I’ve not had these guys in yet.  The new Mavros cables are an uplift in price versus the Vertere Redline RCA order of 50% or so.

CD to Aethos

Vertere Redline RCASwapping between the Atlas and Redline cables is a simple matter as both RCA connectors are not as stiff as some so a simple twist to ensure the connection is adequate.  I started with the desired collection of tracks from the CD.  Melanie de Biasio’s album ‘No Deal’ is so beautifully recorded it is a great album for listening to detail and thereby for critical cable listening.  I Feel You and No Deal reveal the complexity in the breath from the flute and it is captivating.  Switching between the Mavros cable and the Vertere Redline RCA reveals similar results, this is quite a compliment to the Redline series.  Both cables enable a dynamic and revealing, fulsome image, particularly with bigger tracks like Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues.  

Bluesound Node 2i to Aethos

Here’s the same playlist on Tidal.  The tracks are beautiful and the outcome the same.    I’m feeling I’m getting a bit more bass response from the Aethos when I listen to bass-heavy tracks, such as the splash in Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams, with the Mavros cables but this is a marginal observation and maybe a function of my particular system.

NaimUniti Star to Aethos

When I swapped the Aethos over to my KEF R700 speakers I used the Vertere Redline RCA to connect to the Uniti Star source.  The dynamic range that was enabled was clear and the resolution beautiful as I noted in my Aethos review when I played What Heaven’s Left by Calexico.  What a lovely sound.

CD to Roksan K2

The Aethos eventually had to go home and it is now replaced with my old (!) Roksan K2.  Although the K2 packs a punch, the difference to the Aethos is not just night and day, it is Hades to Elysium!  However, the results are similar as the Redline performs really well.


I would certainly demand an audition of these Vertere Redline RCA cables if you are upgrading your system interconnects

Where the Redline was a significant upgrade to my NAP 250, replacing the Naim supplied cable, there is less of an upgrade versus the Mavros interconnect, presumably, by virtue of the fact the Mavros cable is so good.  Nevertheless, I am extremely happy to ‘Highly Recommend’ these cables to anyone, I would certainly demand an audition of these Vertere Redline RCA cables if you are upgrading your system interconnects or sources equally.  In any case, they represent pretty decent value in a good HiFi system.

These cables are priced near £595 for the meter version.

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