T+A introduces first set of headphones

T+A introduces first set of headphones

T+A HA 200

T+A has introduced today its first ever set of headphones, called the Solitaire P.  To complement this T+A is also announcing a new headphone amplifier, called the HA200, which uses technology from T+As HV Series.

Solitare P

The Solitaire P is hand-built with minimalist styling and class-leading aircraft grade materials with the very softest leather.  They are corded and feature an over ear planar-magnetostatic headphone design.

HA 200

The HA 200 has an amazing 8 inputs, including 2 x analogue and 6 x digital, if the optional HDMI board is utilised.  The HA 200 is capable of driving even the most demanding of headphones, thanks to the high-quality power supply that features two separate toroidal power transformers – one for the analogue circuits and the other for the digital circuits.  The 200 also features T+As proprietary T+A True 1 Bit digital/analogue converter, capable of 32 Bit/768 kHz for PCM and DSD 1024 for Bitstream.  There are three headphone outputs that can be customised to match any connected headphones.

T+A HA 200 Rear

The Solitaire P will be available in the UK during March 2020 with a UK SRP of £4,800.00.  The HA 200 follows in April with the UK SRP of £6,600.00.

The Solitaire headphones and the HA 200 will be distributed in the UK by The Audio Business.  More here.

About T+A


T+A stands for “Theory and Application” in all areas of audio technology. T+A elektroakustik creates, optimises and produces Hi-Fi components of the finest quality at its company base in Herford.  All this is carried out with the constant aim of creating fully mature High-End products, which make the emotional content of the music even more palpable to its customers.

From audio systems via loudspeakers to accessories, the outstanding characteristics of T+A products are extremely long product cycles, protracted effective life and extensive upgrade facilities. All the important components are designed and developed by the company itself, based in Eastern Westphalia, Germany. All products are manufactured in Germany.

Since 1978, T+A has been creating designs that combine contemporary trends with modern materials and timeless appearance. The company has no truck with short-term hype, always preferring to create products that remain elegant and powerful even after decades.

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