Aladdin Sane – MOON 810LP Phono Pre-Amp

Aladdin Sane – MOON 810LP Phono Pre-Amp

Moon 810LP Phono Pre-Amp

Moon 810LP Phono Pre-Amp – detail

Wow, look at this, a new MOON 810LP Phono Pre-Amplifier with an Aladdin Sane custom flash finish, love it. This is probably my favourite Bowie album (after Hunky Dory, maybe?), so it stands out to me.  I believe the 810LP will have the customisable, gain, impedance and resistance settings needed for moving coil and magnet cartridges, in the same way, the LP 110 v2 had when I reviewed it a few months ago (last April). The iconic Aladdin Sane flash was applied using enamel paint, with 1mm steps for each layer of colour, to produce the bold, raised effect.  It looks amazing, the chrome plate on the top finishes the look off.  I’m not sure about the ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’ lyric from Space Oddity on the plate but I guess ‘Panic in Detroit’ didn’t work and wasn’t his most memorable lyric.   Still breaking ground long after he’s gone, David Bowie’s limited edition Aladdin Sane – MOON 810LP Phono Pre-Amp.


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