Edifier Luna e25 HD – Review

Edifier Luna e25 HD – Review

Edifier Luna e25 HDHere’s my review of these lovely Edifier Luna e25 HD speakers, they’re billed as ‘gaming’ speakers but I’m listening to them as a soundbar style solution for my TV.  As with all things Edifier, build quality is impeccable and performance matches the look with a clean sound.  The HD bit of the Edifier Luna e25 HD is building on the Luna Eclipse speakers with the addition of an optical/digital input


The Edifier Luna e25 HD is a pair of interconnected speakers, with one controlling the other through a speaker interconnector.  They present a 2.0 set-up, there is no subwoofer.  In the set-up I have, I’m using the left-hand speaker for controlling my TV output.  This speaker has touch-sensitive controls that are over sensitive if you accidentally get close whilst moving them about.   The left-hand speaker receives the power and the optical (in my case) input which is shared to the right-hand speaker.   One slight weakness of the set-up is that you have to choose between an optical input and a 3.5mm aux input.  When the Edifier Luna e25 HD is on it has a small red light on, when you turn it off it has a blue light, in this mode, it is also a pretty darn good Bluetooth speaker.

Each speaker contains a 19mm tweeter and a 76.2mm full range speaker drive, producing a total RMS of 74 watts. There is no cover on the main full ranged speaker, there is a protective bar over the tweeter.  In addition, each speaker contains two 76.2mm passive bass radiators.  The speakers themselves are of the order of 22cm tall, and deep (being ovoid).

The Edifier Luna e25 HD has a DSP (digital signal processor) for the optical input.  There is a system called DRC which apparently minimises distortion at the highest volumes.  Not really sure what this means to be honest.

There is a slim, palm-sized, easy to use, remote control that controls volume levels and power to the speakers.  I thought I would have liked a mute button, but I have ended up just flicking the speakers off to mute them (the TV is zeroed) so it is very flexible.

Edifier Luna e25 HD

Edifier Luna e25 HD, in piano black

The Edifier Luna e25 HD comes in black, white and red.


The quality of these Edifier Luna e25 HD is of a very high standard, in my experience.  They are weighty, solid and fulsome.  The gloss finish is rather aesthetic and the cabling is substantial and not thin.  There is a feel of a long term life associated with these speakers.


From the Edifier site.

TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: 15W x 2 (Treble) + 22W x 2 (Bass) SNR: ≥85dBA

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)

Edifier Luna e25 HD

Edifier Luna e25 HD, in gloss white

INPUT TYPE: Bluetooth 4.0/Auxiliary/Optical


ADJUSTMENT: Touch keys, remote control

BASS & MID-RANGE DRIVER:3 inch (82mm)

TREBLE DRIVER: 3/4 inch (19mm) silk dome



Listening set-up

I’ve been listening to these Edifier Luna e25 HD with a speaker challenged Samsung TV using the optical out.  Separately, I have been listening to the Bluetooth functionality with my Pixel 2 xl with Tidal Masters.  I have not explored any gaming options with these speakers but suffice to say I’m sure they will replicate those of the TV optical output.

Samsung TV

I much prefer the stereo image from a pair of Bluetooth speakers rather than a soundbar any day of the week because the channel separation appears to deliver clarity and better dialogue

The performance of these speakers with Sky TV, for example, through the TV is brilliant and improves on the vocal output substantially.  I have found this with many soundbars and they will always improve on the TV but with these speakers, the channel separation is markedly improved and it can produce a great image.  Watching ‘Chernobyl’, with the sinister deep background pulse was terrific and the dialogue was massively improved.

It is worth noting what is not here.  There is no Alexa/smart speaker type functionality for a Bluetooth speaker.  I think a digital RCA coax input would improve flexibility as there are limited inputs here but the Bluetooth is faultless in my experience.  I have no care for these smart speakers, by the way, I’m just pointing it out.  Alexa doesn’t support Tidal, I gather.

Pixel 2 xl

I have the Edifiers in the kitchen where I have this TV.  We listen to the radio heavily here and I listen to podcasts quite a bit when I’m walking the dog.  I often need to finish a podcast and these speakers allow me to do this easily.  Dialogue is perfectly clear and crisp.

Switching to my Pixel with Tidal Masters is really nice to hear.  I would characterise Edifier in general as clear and crisp generally and here there is no exception.  With the bass radiators facing away from me facing the wall there is just about enough crisp low-end thump to excite.  The new Raconteurs album is worth a listen, a bit like earlier Led Zep, and there is plenty of energy coming from the Edifiers when they’re turned up.

It does look like there is a matching wireless Edifier subwoofer available on Amazon and on the Edifier site.  I guess the availability of subwoofer hints at a deficiency in the e25 HD set-up but I’m not experiencing a fundamental lack of depth or bass heft.  Also, there are stands although I am unclear where the wires would be in this configuration.


I really like these speakers.  I much prefer the stereo image from a pair of Bluetooth speakers rather than a soundbar any day of the week because the channel separation appears to deliver clarity and better dialogue from a TV set-up.  If this was a computer set-up I can see the advantage of a pair of small, slim, desktop/bookshelf style speakers.

I also liked the Edifier S880 but they were a bit more in price terms and less stylish, probably due to the greater flexibility, they were more chunky though but I would test drive the S880 if you have a larger budget.  For the price, these Luna e25 HD represent excellent value for money in my view and look a lot more stylish than many other options, soundbars included.



Gloss Red

Channel separation



The price


More inputs?

The Edifier Luna e25 HD is available from Amazon here.  I am an affiliate marketer with Amazon, see my About page.

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