Focal Elegia closed back headphones announced

Focal Elegia closed back headphones announced

ElegiaFocal has announced it is to offer premium closed back circum-aural (over ear) headphones for the first time; they are called Elegia. Following on from the development of Utopia, Clear and Elear open backed headphones in the last few years it was always likely premium the range would be added to with a closed back offering. It looks to me as if the M dome technology from the Utopias (retailing near £3,500) and the Clears (retailing near £1,500) has been trickled down to the Elegia, in this case with the Aluminium/Magnesium full range driver (The Utopias had a beryllium driver, hence the premium price).

The Elegia features an aluminium yoke with a microfibre leather headband for comfort.  The earpad has a memory foam design, again, with the microfibre fabric.  It looks like the Elegia comes with the familiar Focal ‘handbag’ (carry case!) with a long cable and headphone jack adapters.  All in all, the closed headphone brigade are sure to be happy.  I wonder if a Beryllium version of these will come soon, bet it does.

Focal Elegia headphones are available from October 2018 at an SRP of £799.99

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