Quad launch first ever headphones – ERA-1

Quad launch first ever headphones – ERA-1

Quad, renowned makers of electrostatic panel loudspeakers, have announced the release of ERA-1, their first headphones that feature planar magnetic technology, promising fast, open performance and a natural sound.

ERA-1With many headphones featuring cone drivers Quad has gone in the same direction as Oppo with their PM-1 & 2 planar magnetic design. The wafer thin (thinner than a human hair) diaphragm is fused with a magnet system to maximise sensitivity and consistency. The ‘plane’ front ensures the sound wave hits the ear accurately and the design promises to deliver a wonderful experience. The headphones appear to be open which would be consistent with the design. The ERA-1 headphones come with a carrying case.
There is more on the lovely Quad site here.



The Quad ERA-1 headphones are available from late July, with an RRP of £599.95 inc. VAT.

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