MOON Neo ACE price reduction

MOON Neo ACE price reduction

The wonderful MOON Neo ACE all-in-one music player, distributed in the UK by Renaissance Audio Moon Nēo ACE(, reviewed and loved here at has a new retail price.  The ACE has been reduced from the the launch RRP of £3,300 and it is now available at a price of £2,700.

Simaudio say that the ACE has been selling so well that they have increased their production volume facilitating the price reduction,  I can believe it.  I really thought the ACE was one of my highlights of last year.

The ACE features a ton of digital inputs (seven), including Bluetooth, into an asynchronus DAC that supports DSD.  It also features several line level inputs and a MM phone input which was really very impressive to hear if I recall.  Finally, the ACE has a built in 50 W Class A/B amplifier which was truly impressive (the full specification is here in my review) and this price reduction really sets it up against the new Naim range of Uniti products as an outstanding value for money product.



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