Atlas Zeno headphone cable upgrade

Atlas Zeno headphone cable upgrade

Atlas cables, of Scotland, has today announced the launch of the Atlas Zeno headphone cable, described as a significant upgrade to headphone performance. Being an engineering led cable company, Atlas has entered the headphone cable market at a time of huge growth. Using their expertise in solder free connectivity and using Ohno Continuous Cast copper conductors and tangle free fabric outer jackets, these cables promise much for the discerning listener.  A range of tailored connection endings at either end is available (these prices are on application only), standard prices start from £145.  Watch this space for a review of the new cables.

Atlas Zeno 1:1 (standard termination – stereo cable 3.5mm )Atlas Zeno headphone cable
1.50m £ 145.00
2.00m £ 155.00
2.50m £ 165.00
3.00m £ 175.00
3.50m £ 185.00
4.00m £ 195.00

Atlas Zeno 1:2 (standard termination)
1.50m £ 215.00
2.00m £ 225.00
2.50 m £ 235.00
3.00m £ 245.00
3.50m £ 255.00
4.00m £ 265.00

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