94 – The Velvet Underground & Nico

94 – The Velvet Underground & Nico

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Sweet openings in ‘Sunday Morning’, grungy rock in ‘I’m waiting for the man’, and ill fitting vocals from Nico start off this most iconic of records.  I can’t say the music does a great deal for me but I can see it is radically different in terms of content and tone to that I’ve listened to thus far, particularly in respect of the references to drugs, sexual deviacy and the like!.

Produced by Andy Warhol in the sense he allowed the producers of the music, namely Tom Wilson, John Cale and Lou Reed (mainly, Cale was the music, Reed the lyrics), to complete their project, the album struggled to get released for over ten months, due to problems over the distribution of the album, it eventually made the shops in March 1967.I still don’t like Nico’s vocal, I just don’t think she is musical, in any way.   See my review of Chelsea Girl, #81

The production on the record is poor, ironic since I’m listening to this on a new lossless music streamer service, called ‘Tidal’ through a 24 bit streamer and eight grand (borrowed!) Avalon speakers, when the album itself was scratched together for a few thousand dollars in 1966 in New York City under the patronage of Andy Warhol (Producer).

Favourite track – Heroin

Rating – 7.3

Released – March 1967

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