Aves DAB+ Air Portable Radio

Aves DAB+ Air Portable Radio

The AVES DAB+ Air uses the earplugs as the radio antenna

Test Match Special lovers, on the move, this is it, finally!!! I’ve got 3 test match special long wave radios, 2 of which are broken, one of those daft floppy hats with the radio in them and of course I’ve got an iPhone with a radio app that just does not work when you’re out and about on anything less than 3G. But now I can listen to the Test Match without grief and enjoy the cricket on the move.

The AVES DAB+ Air uses the earplugs as the radio antenna. This means that it picks up the data very well.  I have had no drop out in the Warwickshire area where I live which is rural.  I’ve not used the earplugs provided in the box because they’re more useless than the iPhone plugs and that is saying something but I’m currently using some flat tangle free (and they really are) a-Jays Fours, which are doing the job nicely for me.  Review to follow on these. All in all, this means I can finally follow the Test Match on the move, plug the Air into the 3.5mm jack in the car and listen to Lauren Laverne on 6music without having to buy a new car with a DAB radio and there’ll be a hundred other uses.

The AVES DAB+ Air is slightly thicker than an iPhone but otherwise no bigger. The sound quality is good when it’s playing music and has the DAB quality you would expect. The Air uses 2 AAA batteries and so it is
light, the build and feel is of quality, happily.  The press release claims 8 hours of battery life. I’ve had the Aves Neon radio for a couple of months now and it is also a very accomplished kitchen radio that has recently Deposed our Roberts DAB.  The Aves entry to the market seems to be well judged, based on quality and pretty good value. The Aves Aqua Bluetooth speaker I reviewed a while back is another example of a really
neat functional piece of kit from these guys.

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