Elipson W35 wireless speaker

Elipson W35 wireless speaker

This is a look at the Elipson W35 speaker, it has a ton of power, features Bluetooth and also has a WiFi control App. It is tremendous and generates a real talking point in any given room.  It is certainly very aesthetic and it can dominate a room, sonically.  We’ve had it on almost constantly for the last two weeks, something’s working for us, as such it is ‘Highly Recommended’ by hifiandmusicsource.com!


The Elipson W35 speaker is 35cm diameter that presents as a very aesthetic centrepiece and talking point. The Elipson W35 speaker also confusingly delivers 350W combined of speaker power so I’m a bit confused as to where the ’35’ label comes from. The W35 is equipped with 2 x 16.5 cm midrange drivers and 2 x 2.5 cm silk dome tweeters, positioned on either side of the Elipson W35speaker.  A central aluminium ring holds the control keys (volume, on/off/mute etc.) of the speaker and the 2 sides of the sphere are an ABS (a type of impact-resistant plastic) structure covered with an anthracite grey acoustic fabric.  There is an LED light too to indicate the input mode and status.

Internally the Elipson W35 speaker features Apple AirPlay2, Spotify Connect, 4.0 aptX HD Bluetooth and can be wirelessly connected via the Elipson App.  There are a Digital optical S/PDIF and an analogue line-in jack.  The App supports up to 20 devices and is available on Android and iOS systems.  Elipson’s app includes Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, Tunein etc.

The speakers can be paired up to produce a true stereo image rather than the pseudo-stereo from the planet point source.

The globe can be placed on a tripod, as shown, there is a stand mount and a wall mount as well as a ceiling mount (dangly) option.


This is a really nice bit of high-quality kit.  It has a good feel mechanically and is solidly built and packed in the box.  The tripod I have is solid, firm and stable which supports the sound delivered.  You rarely see the power lead with these type of wireless speakers, but necessarily it needs plugging in.  Helpfully, and very thoughtfully, Elipson includes three velcro cable ties that complete the show.  Overall, it feels like a well-made piece of kit for the long term.


I have to say … connectivity is brilliant and faultless with my Phone (Pixel 4 Android)


The W35 is room-filling.  I’ve mainly played with the HD Bluetooth from a Pixel 4 for ease and it is very effective indeed, connectivity has been no problem at all.  I’ve also used an iPhone 6 to play with the App at length.


I have to say connectivity is brilliant and faultless either with my Phone (Pixel 4 Android) or an Apple iPhone.  The sound quality is good on vocal tracks and less complex tracks.  Pianos are very nice, Nils Frahm’s Solo, for example,  highlighting the mid-range.  There’s plenty of bass if you need it but you do have to turn things up a bit.  Overall, it is great.

The App

The App is a bit of a pain to set-up (usual in these things) but perfectly acceptable.  I’ve played with it a fair bit on iOS, and Tidal, Spotify etc. are good.  You can also play music through the App from your phone and I have streamed networked tracks from my server, this is great, sonically.  I would like to be able to make playlists a bit easier or queue tracks but that will come with a bit of experience I’m sure.  Overall I’m very impressed with it.


The Elipson W35 speaker is no Death Star but it can certainly mess up a room, it’s great!!

Sonically the W35 has a solid, dominant sound.  As a conversation piece, it is spot on.  The Elipson W35 speaker is no Death Star but it can certainly mess up a room, it’s great.    Elipson W35 speaker is in the competitive modern space of wireless speakers that includes the Naim Muso Qb 2, the excellent Ruark range and of course Sonos.  None of them looks as good as this, though they may sound similar, and that is the USP.

There is the issue of the Naim Muso Qb, which is of a similar price but I think you’ll have to have a good listen and I’m sure this is possible.  We’re having a lot of fun with the Elipson W35 as a family and at the end of a day, that’s all there is.  It is a pretty easy ‘Highly Recommended’ from me.



Big sound





We’d quite like to keep this one

Maybe some outrageous colours to make it even more outstanding?

Elipson W35 speaker

LED status



Type: 2-way active sealed loudspeaker
Input: Analog AUX In (3,5mm mini jack) Digital optical S/PDIF
Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.0 aptX Formats : SBC, AAC et aptX 24bit/44.1kHz
Finish: Matt dark grey, acoustic fabric type grid, aluminium belt
Dimensions Ø : 350 mm diameter sphere
Weight: 9,6 kg
Frequency response (± 3dB) : 47 Hz – 22 kHz
Application: Elipson’s app supports up to 20 devices Supports Android/iOS system. Elipson’s app includes Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, Tunein etc.
Format audio support: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC and AIFF ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC
Multiroom: Wi-Fi

Elipson offers various accessories dedicated to the W35.  A tripod stand in dark or light wood, a wall bracket, in the shape of the famous Planet L, a ceiling bracket and finally, an Aluminium stand.

The Elipson W35 speakers are available in the UK in charcoal grey at £799 each.  There is more here.

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