Focal Chora 806 bookshelf – HiFi Review

Focal Chora 806 bookshelf – HiFi Review

Focal Chora 806This is my HiFi Review of these Focal Chora 806 bookshelf speakers. The Focal Chora 806 is designed for a bookshelf or, ideally, stand mount placement, so the Chora 806 speakers are ideal for stereo sound in smaller rooms (up to 25m2 apparently). They would also make excellent satellite speakers within a high-end AV speaker system. Thanks to their front-facing bass port, these Focal speakers would work well placed closer to a rear wall than usual.

Focal Chora Range

Focal revealed recently an AV range featuring the Chora 826-D, a 3-way Dolby Atmos floor stander, a 2-way centre speaker, some satellite speakers and the Focal 600P subwoofer. These AV speakers complement a straight Chora 826 3-way floor stander with no Dolby Atmos and these 806s.  It is a complicated business!


Slatefiber cone for balanced sound

The three characteristics required for smooth, natural sound from a speaker driver are rigidity, lightness and damping. Focal’s impressive new Slatefiber cone hits all three targets using non-woven, carbon fibres, sandwiched between layers of thermoplastic polymer, the woofer cone provides the perfect composition for smooth, precise sound (it says here – Ed).  But seriously, this is just the trickling down of the sandwiching technology from the Sopras and Kantas (and upwards), in a totally affordable speaker range, impressive

TNF tweeters for smooth precision

Derived from the reference Focal Utopia’s Beryllium tweeter, the TNF tweeters use aluminium and magnesium with Poron suspension for an exceptionally smooth yet detailed sound.  The Poron surround reduces distortion at a point critical to human hearing, giving silky-smooth treble. The classic Focal inverted dome is also present – helping to give a broader spread of sound in your room.

The style is sleek and uncomplicated you just simply have to choose your colour.  Just choose between the black, dark wood and light wood finishes.

Focal Chora 806Quality

I have the Focal Chora 806 in a very attractive light brown wood cabinet, the front is coffee cream (I think) and I am supplied with a magnetic black grille on each side.  The sides and corners are sharp, in contrast, to the latest Kanta range.  The Focal logo badge is raised on the top.  There is a real feel of quality about these speakers.  The binding posts are lovely and are the same as those on the Kantas with a raised screw mechanism if I recall correctly.

Focal Chora 806 Specification

Frequency 58 – 28,000Hz
Maximum Output 120W
Sensitivity 89dB
Impedance 8 Ω
HxWxD 431 x 210 x 270mm
Weight – Each 7.4kg
Finishes Dark Wood / Light Wood / Black


The Focal Chora 806 is engaging and detailed and very impressive, at this price

HiFi Review Set-up

I’m running the Focal Chora 806s on a Focal Sopra No.1 stand, driven by a Bluesound Powernode v2, controlled by the BluOS App.  It is a good set-up and probably quite a nice match as a system.  After a while, I supported the bottom end with a REL T/5i subwoofer because I felt it would help the overall sound based on the specs.  I’m using QED Supremus speaker cable, slightly over the top but perfectly transparent and in-situ to save bother.

Focal Chora 806

High end tilt mechanism!

The speakers are 2.5m apart and the same distance away from me.  I’ve had the front of the stands tilted upwards slightly using some cardboard to dial in the sound I prefer, if you look at the Chora stand on the site and in the manual it does slightly aim upwards, presumably to allow the woofer to arrive at the same time as the tweeter, as per the recessed tweeter with the Sopras and the Kantas, etc.


BluOS is excellent and the Bluesound PowerNode v2, I’m using my Pixel phone but the desktop version is seamless when you switch between them.

If you want to listen to soundstage start with Jóhann Jóhannsson’s ‘Flight from the City’.  The soundstage is imposing, without the subwoofer, and it is nice tight sound.  I’m very impressed with the detail as well as the low end can tend to dominate.  I’m bound to mention losing a good hour or so listening to Portishead’s “Dummy”, which is also a deep imposing album and sounds great here too, after a bit of speaker fiddling (this is where the tilting realisation bit came in).   If you don’t know this album, shame on you, the Tidal link is here, it is must listen.


Again, this is a detailed presentation and the Ryan Adams’ Carnegie Hall recordings that I tend towards are nicely presented here.  Tonally, the speakers are pretty much down the line with a softer feel after prolonged listening.  These speakers have definitely benefitted from several hours of running.  I feel the sound is very natural and the speakers are benefitting from this ‘sandwich’ style technology that Focal is trickling down from the higher technology learnings where it is all about creating a fast driver, though at the higher ends Focal is using the Beryllium technology.

A quick switch to La Roux’s ‘Bulletproof’ conforms the speakers are easily capable of punchy, and fast, delivery and this Slatefiber cone are really performing nicely.  Towards the end of the review listening period, I was really impressed with this set-up.


This is a really nice set-up with the Powernode v2 and for this money, an exceptional listen.  The Focal Chora 806 is engaging and detailed and very impressive, at this price.  I’ll be asking for the floor standing Chora 826 and will be very excited to hear them.   I find these speakers to very good value for money and you can certainly feel the quality trickling down from the research invested in the higher end products in Focal’s stable.  These are certainly a must-listen if this is your budget and the Powernode v2 is really quite an exceptional partner.


Focal quality

Look great

Plenty of detail

They can go big


Value for money

Binding posts


The black ones look mean.

Pricing and availability:

Chora 806 standmount speakers – £599 / €599 / $799 per pair

Dedicated 806 Stands – £199 / €199 / $299 per pair

Chora 816 floorstanding speakers – £1,099 / €1,199 / $1,399 per pair
Chora 826 floorstanding speakers – £1,299 / €1,399 / $1,599 per pair

About Focal–

For 40 years, Focal has been recognised as a leader on the global stage for its high-fidelity products. The French acoustic specialist, based in Saint-Étienne, manufactures speaker drivers, home audio and multimedia loudspeakers, car audio systems, monitoring loudspeakers and audiophile headphones. Many of its technologies have become references in the Hi-Fi industry.

Focal products are designed and developed in France: they benefit from 40 years of innovation in exclusive and patented acoustic technologies. Focal has chosen to continue manufacturing products ‘Made in France’, where the quality and high standards of French workmanship place the brand above its competitors.

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